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Polymer Headwall Installation

The installation of headwall outfalls has been vastly optimised using the patented Permashutter Polymer headwall system.



  • The headwall has been manufactured as a tough one peice plastic mould.
  • It is lightweight and easy to move.
  • It has a toe for ground anchoring.
  • It is delivered to site empty, placed on a bed of semi dry blinding concrete and is then filled with concrete.
  • Handrails and other headwall attachments are then inserted into pre-formed locators in the mould after filling and prior to the concrete setting.
  • The durable and graffiti resistant headwall mould remains in position permanently


  1. Excavate Bank to accomodate the size of the headwall allowing a minimum of 600mm for working space.
  2. Locate Toe Position:  Excavate trench to accommodate the toe at the rear of the headwall.
  3. Prepare base  Lay a level bed of semi dry concrete and compact. A 150mm thick layer is usually sufficient. In poor ground this can be increased to suit.
  4. Position Headwall Lift the lightweight headwall into position,ensuring that the unit is level.
  5. Connect to drainage pipe Insert the drainage pipe into the collar at the back of the headwall.
  6. Fill with concrete.Fill the mould in layers (300mm max).When the concrete reaches the underside of the lower filling holes,clip the covers into place.Continue filling from the upper filling hole until full and then add the cover.
  7. Fit Handrail Lift the handrail into position.Drop onto the fixing studs and tighten.

The Headwall is now complete and requires no further visits



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