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Groundbeams and Pile Caps

  • CORRIFORM® is a permanent formwork system made from polypropylene sheet.It is used for constructing in-situ ground beams and pile caps on both residential and commercial projects.
  • CORRIFORM® can be provided either as flat sheets or cut and creased to site requirements.


  • RAPID INSTALLATION: Corriform's on-site installation requires the minimal amount of labour, is light and user friendly requiring simple hand tools for any jointing and fabrication.
  • NO BLINDING COSTS : Using Corriform "U" shape ground beam shutters and fully encapsulated pile cap formers, the Contractor may avoid the labour and material cost of placing a concrete blinding into the trench base.
  • REDUCED CLEANING COSTS : By using the Corriform permanent shuttering system the contractor avoids shutter cleaning, the use of release agents, the high cost of skilled labour, the lengthy time element in traditional shutter construction and the use of heavy traditional materials.
  • EASY HANDLING : Corriform, being pre-creased and pre-cut to "size" is flat packed onto a pallet minimising on-site storage.
  • ADDED PROTECTION : Corriform's extruded polypropylene has inherent properties that protect the sub ground concrete from attack by a wide variety of contaminated gas & minerals.

Permashutter offer a full take off facility. Just send us your plans. We handle all submitted information in the strictest confidence.

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We offer the same service for pile caps



  • Manufactured from high rigidity polypropylene board.
  • Pre-fabricated to site requirements.
  • All joints are welded for strength and ease of installation.
  • Pack flat for delivery, storage and easy installation.


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