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Headwall Installation Environment Agency Badger Bank

“I am very pleased with the reduced length of time for its installation and the finished structure. We have ordered two more Polymer headwalls and Permashutter HDPE flap valves from Permashutter on the back of the Badger Bank project. I would like to thank Permashutter for their excellent customer service and fast delivery”Pete Winter (Environment Agency Field Team Specialist)

Headwall Installation Case Study:

Product: 1no HW450C Polymer Headwall and flap valve to suit pipe diameter 150mm.

Project: Badger Bank
Location: Dorset
Client: Environment Agency
Contractor: Environment Agency
Engineer: Environment Agency
Date: July 2013
Project Description:
The polymer headwall was specified by Hankinson and Duckett because they required an aesthetically pleasing headwall which was quick to install in live Outlet to River Brit

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