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Headwall Installation Bideford Bay

Marcus Willcox - H2OK contracts manager
“I was very impressed with the Permashutter polymer headwall. It was delivered within days of being ordered and was very quick and easy to install using the small 3t excavator that I had on site. I would have had to wait 4-6 weeks for a PCC (Precast Concrete) headwall and would have also needed to import a larger excavator to install a heavy precast concrete variety. “I will definitely use polymer headwalls again in the future”.

Headwall Installation Case Study:

Product: Polymer Headwall HW450C with handrail and trashscreen.

Project: New drainage and headwall installation.
Client: Park Resorts, Bideford Bay Holiday Park, Bideford, EX39 5DU
Contractor: H2OK
Engineer: H2OK
Date: January 2011
Project Description:
An adjacent field to the holiday park which slopes steeply towards the holiday homes was regularly flooding the site due to the existing drainage being blocked.
This was causing severe damage to the holiday homes, vehicles and surrounding landscape.
H2OK systems Ltd were selected for their extensive experience within the specialist field of flood management to undertake the design and construction of a solution which would mitigate the flooding.
The proposed solution involved the temporary removal of existing holiday homes and then excavating and laying approximately 60 meters of new 300mm drainage pipe.
A Permashutter HW450C Polymer headwall was used at the inlet of the new pipe. The works were further complicated by adverse weather conditions, restricted access and live watercourse.

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